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5200 color washed out, and goes black some times.


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I picked up a 5200 from a goodwill that I had to mod for RCA. It seems to play games and works ok but the color is very washed out. I played with the choroa settings a bit but it does not seem to help much. Anyone know what components and chips might cause this. I have replaced the 4050 hex buffer chip, that didnt get it.


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so crazy thing here, by literally "poking" around I found putting my finger on r33 and its neighbor fixed the issue. So I figured it's a bad capacitor or lack of a steady voltage. knowing all resisters do have some capacitance I played with a few values and found anything from 1k-10k works. Since the RCA mod required a 6k resister (r33) to be removed, I just used it, and great picture. Kinda of scary, but it does work and had been running for an hour.

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