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Weird issue fireing when not pressing fire


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Hey everyone, i recently obtained a MB vectrex here in Tasmania and went to ebay to purchase a game. 


The issue is that when playing ( berserk ) when i walk it fires once every second or two but im not pressing any of the 4 fore buttons. Doesnt do it when standing still and you can still fire pretty fast when trying to play normally.


When playing mine storm nothing seems to be wrong with inputs 


My thoughts are maybe something to do with the original capacitors ?? Which i do plan on replacing as it only boots to the player 1 screen until its been on for a few minutes ( 3-5) and then you reset 


Or could it be the cartridge itself ? 


Thankyou im very new to the vectrex but very experienced in soldering.





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I would have suspected the sound chip (which also handles button inputs for both controllers), but you say Mine Storm works OK. I don't quite understand the boot issue you describe. A video would help.


BTW, you can only shoot while moving in Berzerk, which is why it doesn't happen when still.

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Unlikely to be capacitors. If you get a hold of either Sean Kelly's multicart or Jason Kopp's they both have controller test/calibration tools that could show you if it's actually phantom firing or if it's a cart-specific problem. It may also be a dirty connector, if you have Deoxit D5 or similar (even IPA 90% or higher) give the slot a thorough cleaning both in the Vectrex and the cartridge.

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