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Santa (W.I.P)


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The game has not been finished. I have the sprites defined and movement set


For the finished game, you will have three chimneys with which to deliver presents.

Points will be awarded for not missing a chimney

I have yet to decide if there will be a time limit.


My work so far:

3 sprites defined (santa, presents, chimney)

movement (up down left right and ctrl)

no graphics as of yet


any tips would be greatly appreciated



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When I open the file in D64 Editor, I see one file named SANTA (PRG) starting on track 17, sector 0. It is 0 blocks long and has an asterisk which means it wasn't properly saved. You have posted similar D64 images before, so I'm not sure exactly how you're saving files to disk images as every time those appear as broken "splat" files.


Even when I open the file in WinVICE x128, it fails to load anything.

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I had a closer look. The standard interleave on a 1541 is every 3rd sector, and I believe the 1571 uses the same. Your program starts at sector 17;0 so it should be followed by 17;3, 17;6 etc but except for the first sector and the directory track, the disk image seems empty.


The first byte in 17;0 is 00 which indicates the last sector of the file. Then follows $6D which I don't know what to make of, and $4001 which looks like your load address. That is fine for a C128 program with bitmap graphics enabled. The normal load address would be $1C01. Exactly how to enter bitmap mode first, or if the load routine automatically detects it, I'm not sure.


I retyped the program byte for byte, changing the start address to $1C01 in case it is relevant and got this listing:


I suppose there should be more than this?

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