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GPU Buster (Spliced Image / Big Scaler Example) Community Add-On Challenge - BASIC

Clint Thompson

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In a demo scene-like style, I'm doing this in hopes to engage new (and old) users to interact with this example (from a coding standpoint, as this program is currently non-interactive) but mostly for those still learning how to use JagStudio, and that's where YOU come in. So... here's a quick example I tossed together in about an hour detailing what is changing throughout the code as you go down the list. Attached is the source/abs, feel free to modify and use this code or expand upon it however you see fit, as that is the goal here. Use it to hopefully learn from, experiment and explore the possibilities with JagStudio.


Should you change/modify it, I encourage you to upload your version of it here for others to see as well (both code and ABS).


As a challenge to newcomers, I would like to see someone try the following:


-Splice their own image in place of the one I used - it can literally be anything you like. The image size is 320x192 in 10 32x192 splices.

-Randomize the sprite Y scaling across all 10 images at the same time in different directions so it looks almost like a spectrum analyzer.

-Create sub routines out of each effect and make a front-end menu (press 1 to do this, press 2 to do that, press * to change additional images, etc.)

-Add background music? (MOD format may be best for this, not sure the effect it will have with the pushing of 10 different 16-bit images being scaled.) Experiment!


I feel like this is the sort of thing that may end up being useful as a starting point or learning experience leading up to making a simple sliding-puzzle styled game. Example: sets of 5 horizontal, 5 vertical, then 10 both ways, even to the point of 20, all using different images for each 'level'


If there's any interest, maybe a few of us can commit to making an AI art generated sliding puzzle game from all of this. Something around 10-20 levels pulling from about 60-100 random images to kind of keep it fresh. Anyways, see attached to run/compile and go from there.


Talking points, discuss...



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