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Were there ever any magazines aimed at the Commodore Plus 4 or PET machines (including listings)


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Bombjack has a section for C16 and Plus/4 dedicated magazines but it is completely blank with a "Coming soon" message so far. I suppose there were some user groups and clubs, but commercially these probably never took off enough to warrant a separate edition beyond the C64/128 ones.


Generally the coverage of Commodore magazines tended to shift gradually as new models came into play: dedicated VIC-20 magazines begun to incorporate the C64 and would eventually drop the VIC once it went out of the market. Remaining C64 magazines would have a page or two about the C128, but more importantly as the Amiga entered they would start to cover both 8-bit and 16-bit. Around here some magazines would do a radical split so they started a special Amiga magazine and had the C64/128 one run as long as there was content and demand, while others would keep the mix and just change the proportion of material. The same was true once Amiga was starting to dwindle, more and more magazines started to look to PC gaming and would slowly add more of that until the Amiga section was all but erased.

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Yes, there were several C16/Plus4 magazines. I haven't read through every issue to see how much BASIC was included. 

https://archive.org/details/c16_c116_plus4_computing-monthly_volume_2_issue_3_4/page/10/mode/2up and related issues were in English. 

http://plus4world.powweb.com/publications has a number of titles to look at. 


There were a lot of magazines aimed at the PET. 6502.ORG has a directory of 6 PET oriented magazines that are not Gazettes. TPUG had occasional code in various newsletters and magazines. 

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