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Team Pixelboy News Bulletin - December 25th 2022


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Season's Greetings, ColecoVision fanatics! :D


I'd like to wish everyone Happy Holidays as we near the end of 2022, and if you were expecting some new free Team Pixelboy ROMs, then your wait is over! Find attached at the bottom of this post the ROMs of Asteroids and Star Castle!


Another ROM is also offered below, namely a countdown clock program coded by nanochess at my request, which is meant to be used with ColecoVision emulators. It's easy to use, just press the digit keys (0 to 9) to enter the starting time of the countdown, then press [*] to start the countdown, and an alarm will sound when the timer reaches zero. When the alarm sounds, press any key on the keypad to stop it. The [#] key is used as a "backspace key" while entering digits, and it's also used to pause the timer before it reaches zero. It's a simple little application which I use almost everyday myself, and I hope others find good use for it.


I am quite happy to report that three new games, namely Space Shuttle - A Journey Into Space, Utopia and Arabian, are almost ready to ship. Earlier this morning, I contacted all the people who pre-ordered one or more of these games, and gave them the opportunity to pay for them a little in advance, with the promise of shipping their games as soon as they are ready. At this point in time, I just need to program electronics and assemble cartridges. Everything else (boxes, manuals, etc.) is ready. I even got all the shipping boxes and bubble wrap I need.


I'm afraid all manufactured copies of these three games are already tied to pre-orders, so I have no copies to offer to new customers today, and I have no plans to produce more copies of Space Shuttle. I can possibly make a few more copies of Utopia, but it will require some extra effort (like having more manuals printed). The real good news here is that CollectorVision will release new copies of Arabian sometime in 2023. If you did pre-order any of these games but haven't received any e-mail notification, please check your junk/spam folder!


I will be posting another news bulletin next week, on January 1st 2023.


This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities. ;)

asteroids_cv.rom clock_cv.rom star_castle_cv.rom

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10 minutes ago, llabnip said:

As I’ve gotten older the excitement of the season has lost a bit of luster but I can say that I really look forward to your yearly update and, most especially, a few new games to play! Thank you for the generous ROM releases and Merry Christmas!

I could not agree more.


Thank you @Pixelboy and Merry Christmas

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1 hour ago, Pixelboy said:

By the way, I should mention that I have a cold right now which is slowing me down a bit, but I'm processing orders as quickly as I can.  :)


Thank you so much for your Christmas gift, it is much appreciated. Also having a cold right now, even had to cancel our todays’ Christmas dinner.

Probably having to do something with the weather, temperatures in Germany have been going up a lot in a short time.


Either way. Merry Christmas everyone!

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