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2600 Sprite Graphics Problems


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I am working on a 2600 game, I'm quite happy with my progress so far but I am struggling to understand how to fix a problem I've ran into.


No one else seems to have an issue with it, which is why I thought I'd ask the experts (hopefully!)


My vertical movement is working fine and I'm happy with it, however my graphics, stored in a table (visible at line 33), seems to execute as code, as sometimes the graphics become illegal opcodes in the emulators debug view and break everything (oh and I reference the table directly now because the pointer I was told to set up not only worked less, but it still inserted random code into my program) (as seen at Lf009 in the log).


Nobody else seems to have had this issue as I can't find anything on these forums or anywhere else, so hopefully someone here can explain what's wrong with it or point me somewhere with a solution to this!


Thanks in advance!


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