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Updated: Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Colecovision, Intellivision Manuals and 5200, Intellivison Overalys for Sale, 7800 Games, 7800 Cartridge Shells, Tomarc the Barbarian CIB 2600


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Hello everyone, I have about the last 5 years worth of manuals and overlays I've collected and don't want to keep around any longer. Looking to sell them individually meaning you don't have to buy them all. I just want them gone, looking for 1-5$ for probably 95% of the manuals/overlays, just a few are any more than that like the rarer ones. Just shoot me a list of what you are interested in and I'm sure we can work something out. Here are 33 pictures, in no particular order, of what I have. Feel free to send me a PM.


EDIT 4 (4/2/2023): Adding some Atari 7800 Games, Atari 7800 Game Lot, F-14 Tomcat, Food Fight, Jinks and More! - Picture 1 of 3 all 6 games for 40$ shipped.


Atari 7800 style shells, great for homebrews, I have 10 shells in good shape, both pegs in tact, Picture 1 of 7 looking for 35 shipped.  

Tomarc the Barbarian for the Atari 2600, complete and in decent shape. Looking for 235 shipped. Picture 1 of 10Picture 3 of 10Picture 5 of 10


Lot of Sears Atari 2600 Games, some games are just not in good condition meaning the boxes are cut. They are missile command, asteroids, warlords and defender. Stellar track is really rough and torn up on the top and bottom, pong sports has a flap ripped out, can send detailed pics on request. If there is no game on top of the box then it's just box/box+manual only. Looking for 100 shipped on the stuff with boxes. image.thumb.png.c33210b8fe08ff28a8e612440540be6d.pngimage.thumb.png.a6de1e7410c18a25683af9c6461d4302.png

Sears Manuals: image.thumb.png.f1ca6766e3aee033f86117266bcda7c0.png5 bucks each shipped.

Intellivision Games: image.png.553e63f83c9351c9a2d8a8901a6de093.png 25 shipped for the blockade runner and sewer sam. 

image.png.f374367313548e201bb0118aab19e11f.png 15 for blockade runner. 

image.png.c5635744d3aff8acb2f757a85422e655.png 15 for star wars. 

image.png.ffa9710de57e091be04b42e90bbfd4b3.png Pole position 20 shipped.

image.png.ff97cd14a6501dd6526c0f3f0cf575b7.png Safecracker plus 9 other games for 20 shipped. SOLD.

image.png.4fc57036565570482d48ba76d2c8ba3e.png Zaxxon 15 shipped. 


EDIT: Added colecovision super action controller overlays. EDIT 2: Added harder to find Atari 2600 manuals, some Intellivision too. 


The following has been sold: 1 of each of the following...


Colecovision: Rocky, Time Pilot, Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures in the Park. 


Atari 2600: Math Gran Prix, Stellar Track, Super Breakout, Steeplechase, Track and Field, Green Log Book, Blue Log Book, Coleco “More for you”, M.A.S.H. entry form, Atari Video Computer System Catalog “Mind Link”, Spider-droid, Alpha-Beam with Ernie (Overlay sold too), Challenge of Nexar, Demons to Diamonds, Dolphin, Frogger II, Gremlins, Human Cannonball, Mario Bros., Pengo, RealSports Soccer, Riddle of the Sphinx Contest Insert, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Tax Avoiders, Wizard of Wor, Worm War I. 

Atari 5200: Centipede overlays, River Raid overlay, Trak Ball Controller. 


Intellivision: Thunder Castle Manual, Super Pro Decathlon Cartridge, Championship Tennis Box and Cartridge. 20 common Intellivision games all gone too. 


Atari 7800:  Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Ms. Pacman, Desert Falcon, Touchdown Football, Galaga, Tower Toppler, Robotron 2084, Asteroids, Food fight, Centipede, Prosystem Manual, Ace of Aces, Atari 7800 Advantage Insert.



































age2.JPGFor these common ones, most are 1$ each, or 2$ per pair. For some of the harder to find ones like Pinball they are a little more. 

age1.JPGFor these common ones, most are 1$ each, or 2$ per pair. For some of the harder to find ones like Motocross they are a little more.

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-27 at 12.01.02 AM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-27 at 1.55.03 AM.jpeg





















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Hello INTVCruise

I am looking to complete my overlays for my games on hand. I would like to order a pair of each overlays if available. Do you have any of these available for sale?


* Super Action Football [super] 

* WarGames [hand]  

* Ken Uston Blackjack/Poker [hand] 

* Mouse Trap [hand] 

* Rocky Super Action Boxing [super] 

* Front Line [super] 

* Super Action Baseball [super] 

* Spyhunter both hand or super

* Dam busters  (i only need one)


Thank you,



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