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Particles for Explosions - Questions

Clint Thompson

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I'm not sure if anyone has used particles for their games yet (someone correct me if I'm wrong) similar to that of Defender 2000 explosions (only using particles instead of particle exploding the graphic) but I'm wanting to attempt to use this for explosions on yet another distraction I'm working on. But before I get too far down the rabbit hole...


Looking at the few examples (particles, starfield, spiral) I see that you can duplicate an instance of the particles but I'm not sure if you can separate them so they can be individually called upon at different times as you continue blasting enemies.... or if possible, just how many instances I can create without wrecking things.


Right now I've got it setup this way to test input but would of course be called upon when you hit an enemy instead:


rapParticleInject(strptr(particles))	' Send the particles for processing




But what if I wanted more than one instance around the same time, timed differently? As in... I hit enemy 1 , particles start flying and then immediately hit enemy 2, more particles start flying. Open to suggestions on how to tackle this or if it's even possible for what I'm wanting to do. I would think no more than 6-8 would be needed at most at a time. Create a counter that it cycles through, pulls the enemy location and then when blasted displays the next one at that location.


If possible, would like to create about 15-20 pixels for each enemy explosion that can randomize placement within the enemy area of explosion including colors as well, that explodes outward like above.



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