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What are your TI-99 (or TI-99-adjacent) plans or resolutions for 2023?


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The new year is almost upon us.  What do you want to spend your time on or what do you hope to accomplish in the coming year, where TI-99 and related computers are concerned?


For example, for me:

- Complete development on Hell's Heart, a sequel to Hell's Halls (also a console BASIC tape game). 

- Undertake some CC-40 development and get a solid handle on its version of TI BASIC. 

- Do a longish YouTube video covering the CC-40 in depth. 

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For my 2023:


  • Finish Updating OoeyGUI
  • Fulfill all my F18A waitlist orders
  • Finish the long-awaited Pyramid of Doom 2 for the Adventure cartridge


I have a stretch goal, boy now I'm pulling work statements into my TI life!  

  • Design and prototype a new MBP clock card (already obtained approval from IP owner)

My goal is to have a sidecar version and a PEB version.




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41 minutes ago, pixelpedant said:

On the other hand, from the way the Multicolor Mode thread has been the toast of the town recently, I'm getting the feeling that 64x48 might be everybody's New Years Resolution. 

I will definitely play around with MC next year and see where it gets me ...

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Well, third time’s the charm… I found one for an acceptable price “tested/work” on eBay. At least if doesn’t work I’ll be able to file for eBay money back guarantee. And it’s a silver model, so it’ll match with my PEB. I still need to fit my floppy drive in with the FDC and the Sams card. The Tipi and RS232 are already in.


I so wish this one will work. I’ve yet to prep my FG99 cart and dive in TI99/4a many programming environment/language. I also have to remove the shrink wrap on my editor/assembler yet…


And finally, I’ve to do a bit of cleaning and reorganizing my office space. Beside the 99/4a and PEB, I also have an Apple IIE Platinum to setup. 

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Tilda. I'm currently working on getting dungeon cellar passages to work, then add the cellar treasures, before starting on the dungeon monsters.


I'm also working on my own 99/4A emulator written in C, but it has bugs in the instruction processing somewhere. It uses SDL2 for video output. I'm planning to add source level debugging using assembly listings. If I get it functional I would like to see if I can run it on Raspberry Pi Pico.

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A couple of test programs that I used in the past. TI9900_CPU_Test.txt is one I wrote specifically to get Classic99's CPU up to snuff. It's not perfect, we still fixed bugs after the fact, but it exercises every instruction at least once and tells you what it found wrong. Used it to compare to real hardware - if you pass this, you should be able to run. If you don't, it should tell you why not!

testPostInc.a99 tests some non-obvious behaviour with post-increment that we saw in real programs - just three examples. ;) You have to be able to step through this one and manually verify the results, I didn't put any detection into it.

99test2.txt was a test program I found during the dev of Dragon's Lair - I think it's from a 990 manual. It's very comprehensive but when it fails, it just hangs, so not the most useful when you know it doesn't work. If you have an instruction trace in your debugger (or just hard code it for testing) you can breakpoint at the loop and see where it came from.


testPostInc.a99 99test2.txt TI9900_CPU_Test.txt

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I have a few:


- Over the course of the past year I’ve decided that I have only so many hours in the day and that I should reduce/refine my collection to account for that reality. To that end I’ve decided to cut down the stuff I’ve got. I’m paring the collection to the Coleco Adam, TI 99/4A, Atari 800XL, and Commodore 128D. All of these save for the Atari have personal significance to me as I cut my teeth on them.


- Get Adamem SDL in a releasable form (finally).


- I feel like we have entered a period of renaissance with classic computers. We are seeing cheap affordable add ons and peripherals for the old machines thanks to the efforts of a few dedicated individuals. Up to now most of my activities (emulator aside) has focused on using old software. I’d like to help with some of these efforts (namely tipi and fujinet).

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10 minutes ago, Duewester said:

Get this under control.


I wish my mess looked this good!  plus that collection on right looks relaxing.


I have 5 projects I want to finish in 2023.  After not touching them until the week..   Almost all of 2022 missed.   WORK 😞


I am going to make something using RXB..  I should see what I can do with it.  I had a racing game I abandoned years ago and Space Battle an Intellivision game that could work well in RXB.

Though those really should be just put on the 2023 to do list.  Either way, if I finish a GEM or RXB version of these, I'll be happy.



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