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Help needed optimizing and debugging text adventures!

Harry Potter

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Hi!  I am working on a text adventure for the C64 using cc65 and, if I succeed, plan to port it to other platforms, including the Atari.  Somebody over at the applefritter.com forum told me to check the output code from cc65, and I found a few inefficiencies.  While converting them to assembler, I got the text adventure to work but not my text adventure skeleton codes.  One symptom is that they display garbage when displaying room descriptions.  I use my printtok() function which displays token-compressed strings.  Replacing it with prints() from my *SimpleIO libraries works.  i added code to print both the address of the string passed to the function and the one received by the function, and the numbers don't match.  They are AdvSkelVic65 and AdvSkel65 and are at c65 additions - Manage /game at SourceForge.net.  BTW, the former has an Atari cartridge version, and the latter has an AtariXL version, but I don't remember if it also has a regular Atari 400/800 version.


I am also looking to optimize my own text adventure.  I attached some example code in the hopes that somebody here can give me some ideas to optimize it.

Example TextAdv Code #001.txt

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