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cc65 Text Adventure Codes and Other cc65 Stuff Available

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Hi!  I am working on a text adventure for the C64 using cc65 and, if I succeed, plan to port it to other computers.  Should I upload what I have so far?  I already asked for help optimizing it here.  I derived from it some text adventure skeleton codes around which others can build their own text adventures.  They are called AdvSkelVic65 and AdvSkel65 and at c65 additions - Manage /game at SourceForge.net.  However, they are buggy.  :(  One main bug is corruption while displaying some text.  It seems to happen whenever I call its printtok() function.  That function prints strings that are compressed using tokenization.  Replacing it with prints() seems to work.  When I added code to print the address given to the function and the address received by the function, they differ.  The manuals explain how to disable string compression.  It should work.  Also, at the same site are versions of MadLib, Brainstorm128 (a simple story brainstorming helper) and other fun stuff.  At c65 additions - Manage /memory cfgs at SourceForge.net are some memory extensions and alternate configurations that use Low memory and otherwise more of a system's memory and some cartridge configs.  At c65 additions - Manage /ui at SourceForge.net are printtok.c, a module that prints token-compressed strings; DirMenu, a program for CBM computers that allows the user to run any program on a disk; Fields, a library that provides UI support, and *SimpleIO, an efficient replacement for printf() and scanf() that requires little overhead.  I also have some C64 and NES game screenshots/wallpaper at c65 additions - Manage Files at SourceForge.net.  Finally, I have versions of Template Creator for different systems at tmpcreat - Manage Files at SourceForge.net.  Template Creator is a utility that creates, handles, organizes and uses template files for DOS, WIndows and the C64--the C128 version doesn't work.  :(  I ask you to try these out and tell me what you think.

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