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PC: Launchbox - Atari ST -> RA - Issues with BW-Resolution high - any ideas?

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PC: Launchbox - Atari ST -> RA - Issues with BW-Resolution high - any ideas?


Hi, I am quite new here.

I have already the Atari ST Gamebase - but I want to take a closer look to Launchbox.

I am fimiliar with Steem-Emulator, but no so with Hatari and his command-lines for RetroArch/Launchbox.

currently, I am not able to run a game/disk with an ATARI ST high-resolution BW/640x..

Should I change the build-in Emulator from RetroArch/Hatari to Steem?

Do you have any suggestion?

Maybe also with the best command-attributes - or does anybody have an examble game with the neccessary commands?

Maybe not everyone need to build up his own collection.. -



best regards


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Most games will not run in High Resolution unless the game has been specifically written to use it.

Some use medium (colour) resolution, but most use Low Resolution because of the extra colours



High Rezz = Black and White

Meduim Rez = 4 colours

Low Rezz = 16 colours


Like most systems there are tricks to get more colours on screen, but High Resolution is always B&W

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