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Nintellisivion Version 3.8 Released


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Quite a few improvements over the last few releases... the latest version of the Intellivision emulator for the DS/DSi now has ECS support and page-flip support. 


For the older DS-Lite/Phat (original DS) hardware with only 4MB of memory, the page-flipping is limited to just 3 deep pages which is sufficient for all commercial releases and 98% of homebrews.


For the DSi or above with 16MB of memory, a full page-flipping with 16-deep pages is supported which should run anything thrown at it.

The current version supports:

  •  Up to 1024KB (512K words) of ROM memory emulated (roughly 1.5x bigger than anything I currently know about)
  •  JLP 16-bit RAM emulated (8K Words)
  •  JLP Flash support of 168 rows (21 sectors) for a total of 32K bytes (actual 32256 bytes). Each game gets their own 32K of file-backed flash.
  •  Up to 2K of 8-bit RAM emulated for the ECS module or for games like Chess or Land Battle.
  •  Up to 32K of 16-bit RAM emulated beyond JLP/ECS RAM.
  •  Paging on all segments of memory provided binary is 1024KB (bytes) or less.


As always, this can be found on my github page: https://github.com/wavemotion-dave/NINTV-DS 


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Had a scare with my 3DS - the blinking red "charge me" light was flashing even though it was plugged in.  

  • Unplugged/replugged 3DS, nada.
  • Unplugged charger from wall, replugged it in, nada.
  • Moved charger to outlet in my office, nada.
  • Powered off 3DS and left everything sitting unplugged overnight on my desk.
  • Replugged charger in wall and plugged in the 3DS, it's now fully charged.

Possibly there's a short in the cable.


Or perhaps the charger itself had an issue as a result of a neighborhood transformer blowing out (it was loud) over the weekend.  When it went out my PowerWall kicked in, but in an odd way that caused my computer UPSes to beep and some, but not all, of my LED bulbs lights to flicker - that suggests issues with the AC sine wave.

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