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Gamepad Review: Commotron's "Turbo 2000 Super"

Cousin Vinnie

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21 hours ago, Zonie said:

I want it's wireless guts for my homemade controllers...

The website is nearly unreadable. This guy should just sell them on Amazon.

He does...


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On 1/13/2023 at 10:13 AM, John Stamos Mullet said:

I wish someone like this would make a decent wireless 2 button joystick. Gamepads are great for platformers and puzzle games, but not so much for maze/shmups/single screen action games like the 7800 has.

Not to tell tales out of school, but he told me that's probably his next project he's gonna tackle. Nothing official though 

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I received this controller today and must admit that I am a bit disappointed with it.  It feels a bit cheap for the price, but more importantly, the dpad takes some getting used to.  The four cardinal directions work fine, but getting the diagonals to activate requires more pressure and also for the pressure to be applied right between the two directions.  You can get used to it, but you have to choose between inaccurate play (if you don't use enough pressure for the diagonals) or fatigue (if you apply enough pressure at all times).


It probably works great for games that don't require diagonals, such as platformers or single-board arcade-style games, but I mainly play shooters on my 7800 and C64/Atari ST/Amiga.

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I just received this controller about a week ago (from Amazon) and I don't think it's going to replace my RetroGameBoyz pad as my go to controller.  I try to get wireless controllers whenever I can for my consoles so this seemed perfect to me, and there are some brilliant ideas here. Being able to map different controllers with two button presses is good (in theory) and having up be a dedicated button to help with jumping, etc is smart.  I haven't had any issues with connecting to the receiver and it seems to just work 95% of the time. 


The cons (so far) are that I can't seem to get it to function with PacManPlus' Crazy Brix. I'm not sure why but it doesn't seem to perform right no matter what button map I use.  I've been playing Asteroids for the 7800 for a long time and playing it with this controller made it apparent that there's too much travel on the buttons for my taste. I like to fire the weapon a lot in asteroids and I know how fast I can get the bullets to fly, but with the long button presses using this pad I only get about half the shots I'm used to. The auto fire feature helps to mitigate this but it's not ideal (for me at least).


The controller is definitely lighter than I thought but I didn't think it felt cheap.  Just very light.  Take that how you will. There's some great ideas here that I hope continue to be implemented on future designs.  But the long button travel and a little bit of compatibility issues kill the experience for me. I think it could be refined and become a must own controller down the road. 

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On 1/11/2023 at 2:03 AM, homecat said:

They are currently on their way to a central Amazon Warehouse in USA. They sould be available as PRIME delivery in a few days! Sorry for that delay.

Could you make this work on ColecoVision?

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