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Scrooge Christmas


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Have I just missed a lot of stuff, or has this been a really bad year for Christmas freebies/promos? Normally there's a ton of temporary free or discounted games, but other than good old Team Pixelboy coming up with Asteroids and Star Castle there's been basically nothing I've seen. I've been hoping for ages to pick up some ChampGames ROMs at less ferocious prices or a few of the Intellivision arcade ports ($15-20 for a single ROM is silly money IMO), but it was a desert this year.


Obviously nobody OWES us freebies or bargains, it just seems to have been an unusually cheerless year.

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I hadn't thought much about this because I've got such a large backlog of classic material to go through. Could spend weeks and weeks just checking out a few 90's PC games. Or just sorting through new Apple II cracks and woz'es. There's just so much!

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