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Dragon Trilogy and Harpy's Curse (Atari 7800)


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I usually post in the 7800 forums, and I'm honestly not sure how much crossover there is between this forum and that one, but I figured this might be of interest for a few who might not know about the series of games I've developed over the last few years...


The "Dragon Trilogy" is a set of games, each a different genre, using dragons as a sort of motif:


Dragon's Descent (a port of the 2600 version) - an roguelite arcade/action dungeon crawler.  Thousands of possible levels.




Dragon's Cache - A match-3 puzzle drop game in the tradition of Columns.  2-Player versus available, along with a battle and time attack mode.




Dragon's Havoc - A shoot-'em-up with parallax scrolling, 20+ levels and 7 bosses.  2-Player simultaneous play available. 




And, currently in development, Harpy's Curse, a sort of "Joust Meets Metroid" labyrinth with power ups, bosses, and 500+ screens worth of scrolling regions to explore.



The forum threads also have something resembling devlogs as the games evolved from testing prototypes to releases.  Most of these are (or will be) in the AtariAge store as well!  


If you have a 7800, or are curious about the system, there should be something in at least one of these games to interest you :) 


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