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January 2023 Shooting HSC: Slap Fight

Steven Pendleton

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On 1/19/2023 at 4:37 PM, Frozone212 said:

 please remove my scores

Why remove them, though?  You earned them and got points on the board, so that seems odd.    I can understand not wanting to play it any more, if it's not to your liking of course (I'm getting a bit sick of it myself) but why remove what you've already gotten?

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On 1/13/2023 at 9:28 PM, Steven Pendleton said:

I may toss Gaiares on the list next year. Pretty sure that score in that game = kill shit, but it's been a while. I want to try to find things that are not simply just kill shit to get score, but that's kind of hard to do for older games. That's why there are a few Toaplan games on the list, as Slap Fight, Slap Fight MD, Kyuukyoku Tiger, and Same! have better/more advanced scoring systems than just killing things.



What's really funny about this, it this is pretty much played Slap Fight.  I find my comfort zone and have a very simplistic style -- kill things and dodge.  Which of course explains why this took so long, but --



3,024,370 - 6-47 - ON



And with that, I'm done with this one.  Cool game, but I tend to get really bored with looping.  Its a "me" flaw, not the game's problem.   


I would LOVE to see this game with a bit more Xevious injected into it.  Add some aircraft enemies, with 2 shot types (one for aircraft and one for ground) 



Excited to see what MD brings to the mix in a couple of weeks.



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I will try to top this but posting in case I don’t. I can’t get back in the rhythm for this boss even if it’s not that hard. I think having my beautiful fully upgraded ship destroyed just takes the wind out of my sails. Maybe if I save the shield for later…

jgkspsx - 144190 - 1-40 - ON



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Alright, it's been about 2 hours since the deadline, so let's call it good here if nobody has any last-minute post-deadline submissions.


Since basically nobody actually submitted their scores using the proper format, I'm going to skip making the table this time since I am lazy, but @Razzie.P takes first place! Yay, happy! *claps*


Next game is Slap Fight MD, so don't put your Slap Fight MD cartridge away yet.

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