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for the final round of Season 19 I've picked TrailBlazer, long time polled (and failed!) but now it's time to give it a chance to shine :D


Play on the default "Arcade" mode it starts from A each go. If you can get another player to join you for a head to head battle then post for some bonus points :cool: A solid 7.8 on Atarimania - instructions missing? but basically read the scroller on the title screen. Fire us Jump, use it a lot as extra jumps awarded at the end of each stage, Up is faster Down is slower I think!







steve - 26/07/2007
Just like all of the great games this had a simple but addictive idea. Land your ball on the right colored tiles and avoid the wrong ones. Great sense of speed - especially if you hit the warp tile WHOOSH!!, nice feature of carrying leftover time to the next stage. Excellent.








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C64 info: https://www.c64-wiki.com/wiki/Trailblazer

See the section "Hints" for field colours, though I'm not sure if the A8 has the same colours. I remember the C64 version had a few variants with partly different colours.


Edit: After playing through the game, the colours used in the Atari version seems to differ quite a bit from the C16/C64 version after all:


Dark/light grey - start and end of the course, no timers

Dark/light blue - normal course (is suitably brown/orange on the C64...)

Dark/light purple - reversed controls (left becomes right and vice versa, is cyan/light blue on the C64)

Black - hole, jump over it

Red - slow down (ISTR it was much harder to jump from this field on the C64 version than on the A8)

Green - speed up

Yellow - automatic long jump (is blue on the C64)

Flashing red/yellow - not sure if it is block or warp, but only in arcade mode (should be purple or white on the C64)


Of the official versions the conversion for Atari's 8-bit computer family may be closest to the C64 version.

It sounds good. However all the cool level names have been omitted on the A8 version. Perhaps Atari gamers were more hard core and didn't need level names?

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5 hours ago, therealbountybob said:

how about we play stages A-E with the others as an optional bonus?

I recalled now that Trailblazer has two modes of playing:


1 (or 2) players Arcade: It starts on course A with limited time and number of jumps. If you finish the course in time, you move onto the next course.


1 (or 2) players Trial: You select three course to play, and the best times for each course is recorded + your total for all three.

Robot vs Player: Same as Trial but in case you don't have a human friend and don't want to play alone.


I suppose Arcade mode is the most HSC worthy, where you play for as long as you manage. Mention your total score and the final course you reached.


We could play Trial mode too, starting with courses A-E or something like that, and record individual times, similar to how we did with Kikstart (which coindentically was made by the very same Shaun Southern who developed Trailblazer - do you see a pattern here?)

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Here are my first set of scores:


Trailblazer Arcade mode: 8290 pts, reached course D


Trial mode, individual best times for each course:

A - 24.80, B - 26.02, C - 36.88, D - 37.22, E - 34.10 F - 35.26 G - 40.26
H - 32.10, I - 54.56, J - 44.82, K - 31.04, L - 29.28 M - 41.62 N - 38.20
O - 22.12, P - 1.08.54, Q - 27.18, R - 27.60, S - 49.06 T - 18.08 U - 53.16


Just for fun, I also played the completely unrelated game Let's Hop which is more like Bounder or Retro Dschump as we played just the other week. I remembered this game to be slightly more playable than it is, and the "music" is something that would give you nightmares if you listen to it too much. My best score on this unofficial bonus game was 580 pts, with a timer of 1:14:28 and 326 meters (?).


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Not played TrailBlazer before despite having it on tape and transferring it to a TransDisk menu. Can soon make improvements got to H with a score of 29,780 :party:

New close date for this round is Weds 11th Jan 6pm UK time, then can get the new season poll started :idea:


mini first table

trbb 29,780

graywest 10,560

carlsson 8,290



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On 1/2/2023 at 5:17 PM, carlsson said:

Yeah, arcade mode probably is least confusing to play. If anyone has a friend to play against, I'd suggest a bonus point.

Good that makes things easier ;)


catching up on things here - I've posted an "almost final table" for the Abbuc SWC 2022 Round but will leave it open until the end of the season / Trailblazer ends -  if anyone else wants to post some scores or improvements on that one, especially me :D please do :thumbsup:



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On 1/4/2023 at 12:36 AM, AtariSphinx said:

Trailblazer: 15,130


Never played this one before.   Fun game and enjoy the quick game time.  Got to level E.

:thumbsup: and you can learn a few tricks but most of the time it's crazy speeding :o


So the question is can any of us reach the end before the round is up?!


latest tables


Player   Score   Points
therealbountybob   29,780   12
AtariSphinx   15,130   11
graywest   10,560   10
tompateus   10,360   9
carlsson   8,290  



Fastest times for each course

  Player Time
A AtariSphinx 14:98
B carlsson 26:02
C trbb 21:72
D trbb 27:96
E trbb 29:50
F trbb 24:16
G trbb 26:92
H trbb 24:82
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times added!
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Not such an old man as you have fastest times on A & B ;)



latest tables


Player   Score Points Points
therealbountybob   29,780   12
carlsson   25,520   11
AtariSphinx   15,130   10
MichaG   12,700   9
graywest   10,560   8
tompateus   10,360   7


Fastest times for each course

  Player Time
A MichaG 14:28
B MichaG 23:84
C trbb 21:72
D trbb 27:96
E carlsson 28:24
F carlsson 23:98
G trbb 26:92
H carlsson 18:60
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Thanks again for playing everyone, I'll update the final standings for the season and then we can start up Season 20!

TrailBlazer is a good game and I hope we play it again soon, you can get familiar with some of the bits and soon make some high speed progress :)


final tables


  Player   Score   Points
1st therealbountybob   34,230   12
2nd carlsson   25,520   11
3rd AtariSphinx   15,130   *11
4th 8BIT 1337   12,930   9
5th MichaG   12,700   8
6th graywest   10,560   7
7th tompateus   10,360   6

*NTSC Bonus point


Fastest times for each course

  Player Time
A trbb 11:48
B trbb 19:54
C trbb 21:72
D trbb 26:92
E 8BIT 1337 28:24
F trbb 17:00
G trbb 19:98
H trbb 11:96
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Yeah, it definitely is a game where you benefit from learning the courses one by one.


Many years ago, I used a hex editor to manually make new courses on the C64. I believe it has a level editor as well. No idea if there is one for the A8 version or if the course data is the same but it could be a future project.

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