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Uploading to zimmers.net and commodore.software?

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What is the URL of Zimmerman's ftp site?  I can use FileZilla to upload the files but don't know the ftp site.  As for the latter, you can just go to that link, but I see no more way to upload the files.  It used to have a link that, if I'm logged on, will allow me to upload a file, but that link is gone.  :(

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I believe incoming is set up so it won't display files just added, though they remain there for the admin to pick up, sort and place in the right places. At least that is how nearly every ftp site I've visited in the past 25++ years has behaved.

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Depending on what it is that you're uploading to Zimmers he may or may not include them on the site.

I emailed Bo asking him if he wanted a newer drive firmware than the one he already had on the site but he didn't want it because it was for a third party drive and not a Commodore drive and the site is only for Commodore stuff. I guess he's a purist nowadays. Not that I understand how older firmware versions for third party drivers are better to keep on the site than newer versions.

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Remember that the ftp used to be at FUNET, maintained by Marko Mäkelä before it was transferred to Zimmers. Quite possibly some folders and files followed along in the move, stuff that was borderline relevant but it would be a shame to delete entirely. I agree though that if it is a Commodore compatible drive, updated firmware doesn't take many kilobytes so it should fit on the site.

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