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ChatGPT is all wrong for the TI-99

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It doesn't know the TI. The problem with ChatGPT is it does not know what it doesn't know, so it makes stuff up and confidently presents it. It can't be retrained from the input prompt.


Some of the things I've seen it produce software-wise is impressive, but push it and you'll see far more is crap.


This doesn't mean that AI software development isn't going to happen, though. My prediction is it will be even more inefficient than the code we get today, and at first it'll be far buggier, but... it's coming.


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Yeah, you're supposed to be able to interact with it, and it does adjust, but it doesn't seem to do well with the generalities, and applies the new information inconsistently.  For example, I tried to teach it about CALL SPRITE, CALL CHAR, and, subsequently, about applying CALL in front of subprograms.  It seemingly tried, but...  Was not really usable.


And, I got my answer, it doesn't learn, generally, but only in the context of a single chat:

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Well, if you can come up with a chat log that gives it enough information, you could always copy paste it out. But I don't think you'd be able to get sufficient reinforcement in a single chat.

It has apologized to me so many times that I think the error message is hard coded. ;)


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ChatGPT also does not have access to the Internet.  It would be nice to say, "Review the TI-99/4A development sub-forum at dev99.atariage.com."  I guess it also does not have memory of past sessions, even though you have to log in.  I wonder if that is deliberate.

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