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7800 repair/etc advice


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Hi 7800ers! 


I have two units with issues.


One unit is AV modded and power modded. I bought it from a member here. It works and looks great on an LCD TV. Unfortunately I want to use it on a CRT TV all my consoles are hooked up to, and it outputs blurry black and white. I'm sure it's an issue with the TV syncing, but any advice? Could it just be related to the type of AV mod used or the power mod? Unfortunately the case is epoxied together (probably because of broken posts or something), so I'll have to saw it apart, which I'm hesitant to do.


The other unit I bought from a shop known to have issues. It will start-up Surround and Space Invaders (for example) without sound. It does not like a known good Stampede or Pole Position 7800 (the only cart I have for testing aside from a Concerto).  Does anyone have suggestions where to start?



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Which AV mod is installed into the 1st 7800? I've not really heard of this before but I did have someone once that I would only get black n white from the s-video output on their TV. In the end it was their s-video cable as apparently the chroma signal had broken within their s-video cable.


The other one playing surround and space invader but without sound would either be the poly caps near the RF section or possible the TIA itself. It not playing Stampede could be an issue with the cartridge slot not making good contact. But not playing Position is goofy. What happens when you try and start up PP2 on the 7800?



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