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5200 OE HSC Challenge 01/2023 Ms Pacman


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Our leadoff game for 2023, will be the classic Ms Pacman, played on defaults beginning from "cherries". Play on real 5200 systems, using Atari mfg controls. A -1 HSC pt penalty for use of other period analog sticks, such as the Wico. The only modern exceptions allowed, are flashcarts/SD loaders, running original Roms. When possible, I offer one up to allow use of the same version. :) Pics preferred, but not required, except for HSC wins and records. Round ends when month does.


Current HSC record- bust it for a bonus point!

Ms Pac Man -(Cherries)
Cafeman 115,080



Final scores-


63,110  RB5200 - 11

44,860  jetset - 10

42,160  Mikey50 - 9

41,630  DamonicFury - 8

36,350  troff - 7

23,760  rubeon - 6

19,180  zylon - 5

12,500  RangerG - 4


Ms. Pac-Man.BIN

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On 1/4/2023 at 10:09 AM, rubeon said:



Here's an early entry, making double-sure I don't mess it up and forget like last month.


I'm really really not good at Pac-Man games, despite how much I enjoy playing them 😕 


I have same issue with Joust. Love it, but suck at it. 

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Our leadoff month closes with RB5200 grabbing a win, despite some last minute entries. 😎👍 Thanks to all who played, and continue our little niche gaming corner. Next up, an Activision classic....


Final scores-


63,110  RB5200 - 11

44,860  jetset - 10

42,160  Mikey50 - 9

41,630  DamonicFury - 8

36,350  troff - 7

23,760  rubeon - 6

19,180  zylon - 5

12,500  RangerG - 4

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