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My Atari 5200 needs S-video modding


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I ordered my console to be modded and they have not gotten back to me on the shipping label. Its been a month and I think I'd like to look elsewhere. Is anyone available for hire to mod my console for s-video? Any parts you need me to order? Or you can order those yourself? Please get back with me on this and how much do you charge?


I also have a Hey You Pikachu N64 console with a Tim Worthington RGB mod board and a Vectrex with a Buzz Off board for in the future in case you can do that too. But for now, I just need my 5200 modded. Can someone please help?

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Not sure who you reached out too. I wasn't offering services over the summer and was pretty booked from November to now. But I have the UAV on hand and other parts needed at the ready.


Shoot me a PM for more details and we can go from there.



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