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On 4/12/2022 at 7:28 PM, OLD CS1 said:


Dude, you have NO IDEA how angry I used to get that Dairy Queen was closed during the winter!!

Almost the same here! All the Tasty Freeze restaurants would only have vanilla in the winter, not chocolate. Pissed me right off! ;)


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I dont know why they are so hard to find, but I ordered a 3 button mouse **without a scroll wheel** off amazon just now. Should get it the 29th, according to their estimations.


My CAD software makes heavy use of center click, and the scroll wheel button on my existing mouse is a super liability.  I used to have this swanky 3 button HP mouse that was corded-- it was a dream.  Sadly, I left it at my old employer, and have had difficulty finding a replacement. (Looking for them second hand, you would think they were made of solid gold, the prices that are demanded. It's simply ABSURD.) Today, I got fed up with this scroll wheel mouse, and looked-- BAM-- wireless 3 button with no scroll wheel. (With an affordably sensible price!) Little switch on the back to increase tracking resolution too.


I can hardly wait to get it in my hand to try it out.

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So, I have been working on something.  Why? Because I can.


It's currently the beige-est of the beige.  I am looking to beautify it, but am unsure what to greeble it up with.

I am sharing, in the hopes somebody here might have ideas.  I have been focusing all my energy on developing baked-in supports to enable all the large overhangs of the cavity. (which I have nearly solved)


It is an AT style, standards compliant, 3D printable tower case.


Again, because I can.





It WOULD actually fit on my Chiron, but would take a solid month of uninterrupted printing to produce. If I am going to invest that kind of time, I want it to be pretty, hence the effort to share.

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Another fun thing today...



Who wants to boost some WIFI from downtown?




Collecting dish is 400mm across; the maximum size my chiron can poop out. 

Inner "shaping" dish, has an output aperture of ~55mm diameter.


Both are parabolic, so ASSUMING the antenna put at the focal point (which is just underneath the shaping dish) has a perfect omni-directional lobe profile, ~50% of the output energy will be re-shaped into a beam ~55mm across. 

(the other ~50% would be shaped into a beam 400mm across...)

This would allow the weak-kneed wifi dongle to throw a signal a LOT further out, and also pick up an omni-signal from very very far away.


The intention is to put a wireless AC micro-dongle on the end of a USB extension cable, run it down the little pipe in the center there, and fix it in place at the focal point-- then attach the whole assembly to a camera tripod.



Cura says it will take 15 hours to print...  Not sure I actually will produce it, but if I did, this would be a "Reach out and TOUCH somebody" wifi dish.

If I did, I would spray the inner surfaces with filling automotive primer to fully smooth out the printer artifacts, then hit it with metallic spraypaint, before a coat of clear.


I haven't done due diligence on being able to actually route a USB cable through the center, or actually model on suitable grapple surfaces for a camera mount yet.  I might finish the project if somebody actually wants one of these.

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On 4/12/2022 at 7:37 PM, TheBF said:

See the source image

I was out walking in a really nice, whiteout blizzard as a teen and came upon one of my favorite corner stores. I walked in (along with the friend I was walking with) and we each ordered an ice cream cone. The proprietor, ever the helpful soul, asked if we would like them wrapped (I guess she thought we were going to eat them at home). My response: No thanks, we'll eat them raw. She gave us the most confused look as we stepped back out into the storm to eat our ice cream cones. . .

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