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2 hours ago, InsaneMultitasker said:

One of the bulbs in my floor lamp stopped working last night.  I removed the bad bulb today and discovered that when it 'popped', it blew off most of the interior white, frosted coating, which game me a view to the inner core ;)

That is pretty cool.  I have been using the halogen A19 bulbs for a really long time.  Getting to see inside is pretty cool. except when you get to see shoddy soldering jobs on the supports which cause them to fail.


11 minutes ago, Ksarul said:

Well, Klingons are everywhere, so they are definitely in every single picture in the display. . .

Okay, how about this, then?


five lights captcha.jpg

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@HOME AUTOMATION y tho?  KO, huh?  Yeah, that bulb put up a helluva fight.


At least his halogen died an honorable death.  Far too many of mine died from shitty solder joints holding the actual bulb in place.  There seemed to be a rash of that around 2008 - 2010 for me.  Not sure what brand I was buying at the time.

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14 hours ago, OLD CS1 said:

So, what will YOU be doing during AtariAge's migration on Tuesday?

lol, same old same old.  If i could get my oldest kid out of the house for good, I'd be setting up my 994A! (lol)


It'll be rough not lurking on AA, but I shall bravely press on.

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