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Off-Topic / Dumping Thread


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2 hours ago, jrhodes said:

Am I seeing things? Is this Japanese dish really made with live fish with marijuana in their water, and then battered?!



Tastes like smoked chicken I guess

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On 5/24/2024 at 8:31 PM, Gary from OPA said:

End of an era 🥺 Have you ever had an icq account?


I think I still have one, but haven't logged in for at least twenty years now.


I bet a number of us original ti99'ers still have a ICQ or did at one time, it used to be the one way to chat and stay in touch after the era of BBS's started to die and the Internet started.



1715994 being enjoyed by some russian script hacker probably now..

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After cleaning my new desoldering gun (https://www.komerci.de/shop/soldering/zd-915esd-digital-desolder-station-esd?sprache=en&a031efd2d972816e36234554f4adf2a9=62b450de42bad8ebbaae265460ab3c4b), I can say that this thing now really sucks!


(waited long to be able to write a sentence like this ;-) )


But yes, it's really fun to work with it. I think I messed it up at the first attempt; used a too low temperature which made the solder jam the tube behind the heating element. The good tip was to push up the temperature to the maximum and then just wait and gently tap it backwards on the table. I think I can now hear it "slurp" away the solder.

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2 hours ago, GDMike said:

From an article I read yesterday it looks like they're still in talks. 

I don't know if it matters. Once this starts it means the liquidators have their sights on you... 


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