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Professor Orlando Ferguson's Square and Stationary Earth, published in 1893. The professor was based in Hot Springs, South Dakota. That's about 60 miles south of where I live.


I'm a believer oh yes you betcha. 🤠


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35 minutes ago, jrhodes said:

I'll be printing these as stickers and applying them to stuff maintenance has not gotten around to fixing all year:


I need a hundred, uh...a hundred and 1

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2 hours ago, JasonACT said:

Ah, Australia...  I got home with my car service paid, groceries and booze for Friday night sorted.  Then all hell broke loose.



More than Australia it just started there first because of the time zone. Now currently the whole world is down. Any windows based system running crowdstrike, and basically everything uses it is now offline, here in Canada, banks, airports, news, tv, tons of services offline. It currently on track to be the biggest IT outage in history.

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23 minutes ago, Vorticon said:

My TI seems to be working just fine though. Odd...

Yep. Retro computers are the way to go...


CrowdStrike founder and CEO @George_Kurtz speaks on TODAY about the major computer outages worldwide that started earlier today: “We’re deeply sorry for the impact that we’ve caused to customers, to travelers, to anyone affected by this.”


KitKat brand hopped into the chaos with a new meme ad.


Southwest airlines not affected...



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I can only imagine the legal aftermath of this for CrowdStrike. Or perhaps nothing because attempting to divorce your systems from their services would likely be even a worse nightmare...

What keeps me up at night though is how quickly our critical infrastructure crumbles when faced with digital mayhem.

Keep those 8" floppy systems alive and kicking...

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