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What have you ACTUALLY played tracker - Modern Edition (2023)


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Dead Man's Draw 35



Shovel Knight 107


Bugsnax 54

Coffee Talk 25

Infernax 110


A little aimless wandering on various games this week.  Infernax is now no longer available on GamePass, so I finally started playing Shovel Knight.  First impression is that it is incredible.  I'm excited to continue later.  I also made my way to the latest location of the Free Play arcade chain here in Dallas.  We are truly blessed with an embarrassment of arcade goodness here, and I played the below "modern" pinball machines while I was there.  Free Play Dallas... (freeplayinc.com)


Cactus Canyon
James Bond Dr No
Led Zeppelin

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2 hours ago, wongojack said:

LOL, Sounds like J-pop.  If the game is Japanese then it has the best localization I've ever seen.

Kero Kero Bonito are an English group with a singer of Japanese descent. They're a fantastic band I've followed for a long time who just happened to write the theme song for a fantastic game!


OK, my stats for the week up to this morning:


Apple iOS:

Duolingo - 33 minutes

Pikmin Bloom - 258 minutes


Atari VCS:

Akka Arrh - 20 minutes

Got a few levels into this new Jeff Minter masterwork this morning.

BPM Boy - 20 minutes


Nintendo Switch:

Jetboard Joust - 20 minutes

Legal Dungeon - 20 minutes

Tetris 99 - 35 minutes


Sunplus SPG:

Baseball - 20 minutes

Curling - 15 minutes


Virtual Technologies VT03:

Dark Castle - 20 minutes

Imagine Thunder Castle with glorious NES graphics but without any challenge or fun. This is that. Sigh.


I also played some Pooyan clone but I can't remember the name.

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Week 07


Top games


1. DOOM (2016 reboot) (Switch) - 755 min. (#7)
2. Metroid Prime Remastered (Switch) - 545 min. (#2)
3. Forza Horizon 5 (PC) - 450 min. (#4)
4. Valkyria Chronices 4: Complete Edition (PC) - 337 min.
5. Pikmin Bloom (iOS) - 258 min. (#3)
6. Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox One) - 240 min.
7. Infermax (Xbox One) - 110 min. (#5)
8. Shovel Knight (PS4) - 107 min.
9. Grand Theft Auto Advance (GBA) - 90 min.
9. Retro Bowl (Android) - 90 min.


Top systems


1. Switch (6 games) - 1410 min. (#1)
2. PC (9 games) - 1162 min. (#3)
3. Xbox One (4 games) - 429 min. (#5)
4. iOS (2 games) - 291 min. (#4)
5. Android (2 games) - 150 min. (#9)
6. PS4 (1 game) - 107 min.
7. GBA (1 game) - 90 min. (#6)
8. Atari VCS (2 games) - 40 min.
9. Sunplus SPG (2 games) - 35 min. (#10)
10. Virtual Technologies VTxx (1 game) - 20 min.


Total 3754 minutes and 34 different games (of which 15 new) on 12 different systems, with 7 participants.


The 2016 reboot of DOOM fights of both the remastered version of Metroid Prime and the system split entry for Forza Horizon 5.


For the record, the 4 minutes Wongojack posted on Mushihimesama in the classic tracker were moved here, since that arcade game came out in 2004. All the other arcade games at Free Play Dallas clocked into the classic tracker though.

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5 minutes ago, carlsson said:

Week 07


Top games


1. DOOM (2016 reboot) (Switch) - 755 min. (#7)
2. Metroid Prime Remastered (Switch) - 545 min. (#2)
3. Forza Horizon 5 (PC) - 450 min. (#4)
4. Valkyria Chronices 4: Complete Edition (PC) - 337 min.
5. Pikmin Bloom (iOS) - 258 min. (#3)
6. Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox One) - 240 min.
7. Infermax (Xbox One) - 110 min. (#5)
8. Shovel Knight (PS4) - 107 min.
9. Grand Theft Auto Advance (GBA) - 90 min.
9. Retro Bowl (Android) - 90 min.



FYI:  Infernax - with an 'n'


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Tested the PC Toaplan games some more, but they are in a terrible place right now and I really don't want to play them while they are totally broken.


Kyuukyoku Tiger/Twin Cobra - 24
Out Zone - 2
Spy Bros. (Pipi & Bibi's DX) - 26
Tatsujin/Truxton - 2
Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete Edition - 727
Zero Wing - 2


Kyuukyoku Tiger - 458

This is actually the past 2 months or so of play time, all accumulated here now because I was too lazy to do it before. I finally beat the game about 12 hours ago!

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Here are my times for this past week (February 20th through 26th) on modern systems:



Ski Slalom 3D - 24 min.


I was looking for how a pseudo-3d skiing game might look like, and I found one online which I played for a while. In this game there are 3 progressively harder tracks you can go down, and between the runs you can upgrade your skier. I think there's a total time limit of 30 minutes in which you can make as many runs as possible.

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10 Second Ninja 35 

Atom Zombie Smasher 85 

Bejeweled 3 58 



Cally's Caves IV 35 

Floating Point 20 

Katamari Damacy Reroll 142 

Rusty Lake Roots 38 



Shovel Knight 220


Well, I kept playing Shovel Knight and it is really great.  I also got the idea to try out Katamari Damacy Reroll after talking about it with my brother-in-law.  I had it in my Steam library from some bundle long ago, and I bought him a copy.  It is the same old original Katamari that we loved on PS2 - like really the same.  It even made me play the tutorial before I could adjust the video and other settings (very un-PC like).  I also played the BIT.TRIP games.  I played these once upon a time on Wii, and here they are on PC.  These games are great at the beginning, but they devolve into some pretty extreme frustration.  Instead of a sense of accomplishment, I usually feel defeated even if I manage to complete one of the harder levels.  I should switch the difficulty to "easy."

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Additional Last Week (02/24 and 02/25) totals:



1. Beat Streets 2 - 5 Minutes

2. Exiled Kingdoms RPG - 25 minutes

3. Fury Road - 10 minutes

4. Pinball Dreams: Reloaded - 25 minutes

5. Pixel Bowl - 15 minutes

6. Retro Bowl - 15 minutes

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge - 10 minutes

8. Vector Pinball - 10 minutes



1. Grand Theft Auto Advance - 60 minutes


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This week I finished up the 2016 reboot of DOOM on the Switch, then decided to go back and start replaying Darkwood since I remember liking it a lot but hadn't played it in at least a couple years. Weirdly I ended up logging the exact same amount of time in both games this week! :lol:



Nintendo Switch
Darkwood - 355 minutes 
DOOM (2016) - 355 minutes 


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Apple iOS:

Duolingo - 53 monutes

Pikmin Bloom - 438 minutes


Game Boy Advance:

Space Channel 5: Ulala’s Cosmic Attack - 35 minutes



Bayonetta 3 - 20 minutes

Songbird Symphony - 35 minutes



Battle Zone - 15 minutes

Not the Atari game, but a totally broken Plants vs Zombies clone.

Bitha - 20 minutes

Pooyan hack

Maze Arrow - 25 minutes

janky Pooyan hack with infinite lives and broken mechanics.



Rescue Kuck - 10 minutes. Graphical hack of DK Jr. It is NOT as prurient as you might think.

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Week 08


Top games


1. Valkyria Chronices 4: Complete Edition (PC) - 727 min. (#4)
2. Kyuukyoku Tiger (PS4) - 458 min.
3. Pikmin Bloom (iOS) - 438 min. (#5)
4. Darkwood (Switch) - 355 min.
4. DOOM (2016 reboot) (Switch) - 355 min. (#1)
6. Burnout 2: Point of Impact (Gamecube) - 222 min.
7. Shovel Knight (PS4) - 220 min. (#8)
8. Grand Theft Auto Advance (GBA) - 175 min. (#9)
9. Katamari Damacy Reroll (PC) - 142 min.
10. BIT.TRIP RUNNER (PC) - 120 min.


Top systems


1. PC (15 games) - 1392 min. (#2)
2. Switch (4 games) - 765 min. (#1)
3. PS4 (2 games) - 678 min. (#6)
4. iOS (2 games) - 491 min. (#4)
5. GBA (4 games) - 255 min. (#7)
6. Gamecube (1 game) - 222 min.
7. Android (10 games) - 220 min. (#5)
8. Virtual Technologies VTxx (4 games) - 70 min. (#10)
9. Browser based (1 game) - 24 min.


Total 4117 minutes and 43 different games (of which 27 new) on 9 different systems, with 7 participants.


A lot of new games this week, but the top five games have been seen before including this weeks #1, Valkyria Chronicles 4 which takes the title by almost 4.5 hours. It also helps the PC platform to a systems win, and increases the average to 93 minutes per PC game, something only two of the other 14 titles achieves on its own.

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I got a PS5 for some reason, so I ended up testing a bunch of PS4 games to see how they benefit from the extra Blast ProcessingTM. Interesting results overall. I also was kind of lost for what to do after finishing Valkyria Chronicles 4 and ended up waffling around without committing to anything until I discovered that I somehow had a game that I didn't know that I had.


Crisis Wing - 32
Crystar - 10
Death Stranding Director's Cut - 260
Kyuukyoku Tiger/Twin Cobra - 9
Out Zone - 1
Spy Bros. (Pipi & Bibi's DX) - 7
Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete Edition - 21
Zero Wing - 24



Blue Reflection - 20

Runs WAY better on PS5. Normally it runs terribly, but not here. If you are going to play this trash game, PS5 is probably a decent (the best?) way to do it... but don't play this trash game.

Blue Reflection TIE - 5

Its predecessor has an unlocked framerate, but this is locked to 30FPS. Forget the console versions and play it on PC. Unlike its predecessor, this game is actually not complete trash and is actually good! Yay~
Flowers Les Quatre Saisons - 2
Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition - 393

Apparently I have this game. I have no idea how or when I got it, but I did, and it was apparently free, so I guess I am playing this now. Yay, free things~ It got a Special PS5 PatchTM that adds Blast ProcessingTM, so it runs basically flawlessly on PS5, but it's still a PS4 game. The animations look really weird sometimes.
Kangokutou Mary Skelter 2 - 43

Runs flawlessly on PS5; like Blue Reflection, it runs horribly on PS4 but has an unlocked framerate, and the PS5 has was more than enough power to run this game perfectly.
Kangokutou Mary Skelter Finale - 5

Same as its predecessor, although they actually bothered to optimize this for PS4, so instead of being a ridiculously massive and game-changing upgrade, it is simply a big upgrade.
Sennou Game Teki-Paki - 7
Sonic Colors: Ultimate - 65

Apparently the only differences on PS5 are that it loads super fast and the framerate is more stable or something. I looked up the differences, but I forgot what else there was.
Super Stardust Ultra - 120
Valkyria Chronicles - 5


Astro's Playroom - 124

It's the nicest tech demo I've ever played. Way better than the lame Welcome Park thing on the Vita, and unlike with Welcome Park, you can actually delete this to save space on your system! It's a nice game and the PS5 has basically no other exclusives, though, so you probably won't want to delete it.
Relayer Trial Version (demo) - 9
Yep, it's Relayer, and it's on PS5.

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