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[FS] Atari Lynx Alpine Games


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Unmodded working Lynx 1 with eight original games. Some, e.g. Rampart, Chips Challenge and Ishido. Rampart, Ishido, Turbo Sub come in original packaging. The original games are not the highlight, which are the hombrew gems Zaku, Wyvern Tales and Alpine Games (Duranik edition).


Additionally the set includes a agaCard to use modern SD cards on the lynx.


The most important game in the collection is showed in the picture attached to the post.


The package is shipping from Germany with insurancy (DHL). More photos are sent on request. I sell my collection due to my chronically sick child and I don't have any more time for my Atari collection...


Updated prices:


Lynx 1 Set with the (non-homebrew) games shown on the image with an agaSD card: 130€

Zaku: 225€ *sold

Alpine Games: 75€ (Duranik Games) 

Wyvern Tales: 75€ (original run) *sold


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Sent a PM, as stated above I can take any additional photo on request. So no scam, as the picture taken above on our kitchen table ;)


As to the Member my former account was Bochum_Boy (which can not be restored as it was linked to my Twitter account which is deleted due to Elon's nightmare). I developed the Bentley-Bear homebrew for Lynx back in 2017-2018 and even wrote a German tutorial on how to develop on the Lynx). But yeah, time has gone and medical reasons turned out to be worse than expected.

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