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I've been doing months of research into Androbot, even made a wiki to compile what I've found, but I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like this.

Its a listing from ebay in 2013 from someone who also had a Topo I, probably a former employee. This thing is some sort of robot called SAM (Small Androbot Model). In all my research I've never heard any mention of this thing, so I'm not sure what its validity is on being official. The images captured from Worthpoint are too blurry to really discern much text.

There's definitely multiple periods of the company this could have been made in. All of the smaller robots were contracted to other firms to make, so this could've been a 1982 proto, but also there was a period in 1985 during the company's death that claims they were working on "Androman", which was another small robot, but oddly there are other sources saying Androman was dropped in late 1984, so this might've been a newer version of Androman? It definitely looks similar to the final prototype.


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Looks like model kit of AndroMan's unknown nephew.

I doubt it's from Androbot, though.

I don't see their (or the Axlon) logo anywhere, and I don't think it says Small Androbot Model underneath S.A.M.

Androbot surely never mentioned anything about S.A.M.


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