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BackBit 5200 adapter now supports up to 512k


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After posting my video on the BackBit Pro yesterday some discussion came up on a few larger sized games not working on the 5200 adapter that can be used on the BackBit Pro. Well, as of this morning I got notification from Evie that games up to 512k in size should now work on the BackBit Pro and 5200 adapter. That means the SD cart version of M.U.L.E. is now working on BackBit. I will give a spin later and check it out with a few other titles to see how well it is working. But that would mean that the ONLY feature the AtariMax has over the BackBit would be the ability to stream the data from the .Hyb and .Dat file programs and demos. But pretty much everything else should be good.


The support on the BackBit Pro and @evietron's other products is very impressive.


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Just a heads up that the other day Evie released FW 1.74 for the BackBIT Pro and among the changes is stability fixes for many of the 5200 games that were 8-bit computer conversions. In addition a small graphical glitch for the 128k AtariMax version of Bosconian has also been corrected so that game is also now working properly through BBPro and the 5200 adapter. I think this means the only programs not able to be ran from the BBPro for the 5200 are those using the AMax exclusive .HYB and .DAT file structures to stream ROM data off the SDcard as the game plays. 


As always the latest FW for the BBPro and Evie's other products can be found in the downloads area of her website:



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This is very cool news.  I'm not planning on tossing out my Atarimax by any means, but seeing how rapidly Evie's making progress is very encouraging.  For me, it's moving the BackBit Pro from being more of a diagnostic tool and making it a viable daily-driver multicart for a number of systems.


Definitely keeping an eye on where she goes with this, but I can see picking one up in a month or two.

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