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easy composite mod Videopac/ Odyssey 2


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There are a couple of different ways to connect Videopac G7000 to a monitor. But the easiest way (I think) is just installing an AV mod. As far as I know this is the simplest solution and also easily reversible. I used an Atari 2600 mod kit with a mini jack connection. This one: https://www.thefuturewas8bit.com/shop/atari/deluxe-atari-composite-video-mod.html
There are no pictures of the installment, olny the final result. But it's very simple and goes like this:
- Unscrew the RF module with a screwdriver and remove the 4 wires by cutting or soldering them out.IMG_20230105_152956.thumb.jpg.568652d72996ff17ae7cd53df90d4dea.jpg IMG_20230105_153011.thumb.jpg.d53ef4b040c3bde2bb10598f9481e528.jpg
- Assemble the correct color wires together
black -> white (audio)
brown -> red (5v)
orange -> black (ground)
red -> yellow (video)

IMG_20230105_152800.thumb.jpg.bfede505966044757d242887c36390c1.jpg IMG_20230105_152818.thumb.jpg.65407674530fedd710ebd835a5b5830c.jpg
- make sure the mod kit is firmly attached and is equal to the RF cable hole. I taped a few screw washers together and laid them over the plastic so there is a surface for the mod kit to stick to. And added extra reinforcement with a plastic strap.

IMG_20230105_152907.thumb.jpg.0f85768a78bdbf0f2f4d1da73cc8d78d.jpg IMG_20230105_152925.thumb.jpg.6b239d4c0d1f54199f1a3e677ad5def7.jpg
- I had to manipulate the chassis a little. Be careful because the plastic is thinner as you might expect (the advantage is that it is easy to cut)

IMG_20230105_152844.thumb.jpg.9550150fababb828eec26e712cb8bf95.jpg IMG_20230105_152934.thumb.jpg.2ce3a3ab19a5c168e36edca18c3be19a.jpg IMG_20230105_153048.thumb.jpg.43fd0175da8e32a5ad1633489544c810.jpg IMG_20230105_152451.thumb.jpg.88f6d13c66b7758afcd7db11ea32f2c5.jpg 
- Put everything back together... enjoy!

IMG_20230105_152329.thumb.jpg.3e6a83da127e8156c1936f5a691761c0.jpg IMG_20230105_152250.thumb.jpg.dcfa1bce4321b93d02aa56faaf550462.jpg


I really liked the end result. The video quality is pretty good (couldn't captured it well on photo 🙃) and the installation is clean, ALMOST no cut 😏.


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