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Fujinet + SIDE2: How can I browse via SpartaDOS mounted ATRs?

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Both have the latest firmware.  Fujinet from late 2022 and SIDE2 from late 2021.


With both plugged in and power up w/o any key presses, I navigate in the SIDE2 menu / CTRL-R to reboot.   Once rebooted it will launch Fujinet's config menu if set if I have config boot mode set to config.


However, I expected that if I have Fujinet set to "Mount Everything" with ATR disks in slots 1-4, that I should be able to browse with SpartaDOS D1: - D4: but I don't see the mounted disks?


What am I missing or doing wrong?  Thank you

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because maybe you can't have SIDE partitions active in the same slots as fujinet.


The assumption being you are using SIDE based SDX image and it's set up for IDE hard drive apt etc causing conflict with fujinet slots....


Make sure your fujinet slots have SpartaDOS compatible file systems  mounted also.

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