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10 million dollars for opcode Super Game Module on eBay!!!


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3 hours ago, lucifershalo said:

6 sold already.....at the same price? lol

Yeah I saw that too. Wow I'd seriously contemplate retirement with 60 million dollars already in my pocket ;)


Of course they only got two more to go, so what the heck may as well shoot for the whole 80 million!!!


32 minutes ago, jblenkle said:

Gee, how'd I guess the seller would be QUALITYSERVICE before I even looked...

So this must be typical for that seller.

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So I should probably be the LAST person on here to comment about a SGM  but all joking aside I just messaged him and said 

'what's up with the price'


He actually responded back and said he sold a few but decided to keep the last two for his collection 


I guess he couldn't cancel the auction so he just set the price so high nobody would bid



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1 hour ago, H454 said:

I'll sell mine for just $1000!

Thats 99.99999999% off what others are selling it for!

Act now!


Huurrrry! Before I get locked-up for criminally low prices!

You got the font size right as far as his posts on here. I don’t think he has ever used red, however.

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