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Switch portable mode controllers for big hands

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I was checking this out on the Nintendo website, and it looks great, save for it is missing the RUMBLE feature, which I have come to enjoy:


Split Pad Pro for Switch - Hardware - Nintendo - Nintendo Official Site


Anyone else found a good "Big hands" split pad that still includes the rumble?


After playing my Steam deck for a few months returning to the Switch I realize the stock controls are uncomfortable for my hand size, I always just kind of "dealt with it" but i'm ready to do an upgrade now.

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I got a pair of "Binbok" wireless Joycons -- they look like the Hori Split controller, but feature wireless mode and rumble.


They were fine for three months, before being stepped on... the joycon rail split right off.


I got them on Amazon for $33 -- right now I can't find ANY on Amazon, and their website sells them for $55.


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