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Asteroids related - Looking for a 1980s news report video

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It was a long video talking about the growth of the gaming industry, but I specifically remember a reporter walking around in (I think) NYC, and he talked to several people in arcades about Asteroids.  I remember someone explaining that there are two types of Asteroids players - those that camp out and kill the satellites and those that don't.  I wish I could remember the exact phrasing that player used.  Was it "camp-out?"  Probably not


Anyway, I THINK I first saw this video from a link here, but searching on Youtube doesn't seem to reveal the exact one that I'm thinking of.  Again, I think the bigger context of the video was the financial growth of the video game industry, and it was definitely pre-crash.  If anyone knows the vid I'm talking about, plmk.




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I remember the guys at Atari had 2 names for the 2 enemy saucers in the game. From the tv show Leave It To Beaver.


The big one was named "Wally" as he was more easy going and the smaller one was named "Beaver" as it was the one to more likely to zero in on your ship!


Players would clear the screen of all Asteroids except for one small slow one and then park their ship in the upper left corner of the screen and wait for Beaver to make an appearance and take him out, racking up points!


Arcade owners were not happy and Atari released a newer version of the roms that would make it hard to do that! 


Hence the phrase: "Hunting Beaver"!

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