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PLCC 68 pin "funky" sockets for Atari STE CPU - available from Best Electronics

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Just adding this here and relying on Google to do the heavy lifting for anyone looking to replace the CPU socket on an Atari STE.


The STE uses a 68-pin PLCC socket but the pin arrangement is unusual, in that the inner and outer pins are offset from each other.


Most PLCC68 sockets, the pins are inline, meaning that you cannot just buy a generic PLCC68 socket from your favorite parts vendor and drop it in.


My STE had been basically busted for 5 years.  I  was browsing Best's site before Christmas looking to see if I wanted anything and stumbled upon part number CB101503-G - a replacement socket with the correct pin alignment.  Probably been there all along and never noticed it.


The STE is up and running again with a new CPU socket and the original CPU back in its place.  So that's a good start to the new year.




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