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Wanted: Intellivision Games & Game Variants


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Mattel Electronics:

Checkers (FCTVVO Box)

The Electric Company Math Fun (FCTVVO Box)                    
The Jetsons Ways With Words (Box Only)                    
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack (FCTVVO Box)                    
Melody Blaster (Singapore / Gatefold Box)                    
Melody Blaster                    
Mind Strike (Singapore / Gatefold Box)                    
NBA Basketball (FCTVVO Box)                    
Scooby-Doo's Maze Chase (Singapore / Gatefold Box)                    
Shark! Shark! (Hong Kong / Plastic Tray)                    


Intellivision, Inc.

Super Series Big League Baseball



Dig Dug (With Player Correction Sticker)

Learning Fun I (Box Only)

Learning Fun II

Mountain Madness: Super Pro Skiing

Spiker: Super Pro Volleyball

Stadium Mud Buggies

Thin Ice (Yellow Lettering On Sign)









Fathom (Box Only)



Blockade Runner (Green & White Cartridge Label)


Parker Brothers

Super Cobra



I do have trade stuff as well, nothing crazy great, but a high volume of things and a couple harder to find ones mixed in.

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