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Jaguar and Jaguar CD Repair service or person


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I am wondering if anyone can recommend a repair service or person who is experienced with Jaguar and Jaguar CD. Has anyone sent their systems to https://www.estarland.com/service/repair/AtariJaguar/58 ?


I have one Jaguar that powers on with no sound or picture, so probably not booting, and two Jaguar CD units that will not read disks. One will spin but fail to load but the other does not spin. I have ordered replacement laser transports which I can replace myself, since I did that once several years ago, but was told I should have the PCB recapped, which I'm not sure I am comfortable doing. I would like to see if it is possible to have troubleshooting on the Jaguar to see if it can be brought back to life, and to have both Jaguar CDs recapped. 


Thanks for your consideration

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If you're in the USA you can use the same person Rich Whitehouse is using.



Or Ifixtro



Yeah sorry about last one. It went a little much. He did my Lynx and does Jags but I am not sure about JagCD. Message him to be sure.


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If you can depress the switch that indicates the lid is closed, with no CD inserted the motor should spin, the transport should move the Lens to the middle of the disk and the lens itself should move up and down as it tries to focus on the CD and read its TOC.


The attached document is not much use in regard to fault diagnosis without the specified test CD and other items, although it does mention some supply voltages on page 4 that could be checked.


Jag CD testpro4.pdf

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On 1/22/2024 at 1:16 AM, M2theCello said:

a little late but thank you! also can be reached on my website www.crossfacegaming.com


I just sent you a message through your website as I am in need of a Jaguar repair myself.

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I just checked, since this came up in two threads very recently and I vaguely recall it coming up before, and the "Location: Blah" field doesn't seem to show up in the mobile version of the forums. So people aren't just being idiots, but rather likely browsing from their phones. Just an FYI. If that's the case for you, and you want to know where someone is from, just click their icon to visit their profile and scroll down a bit. That'll work unless someone purposely withheld the info or put something clever like You know who you are.

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