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Early last year I started playing the Wordle word game and I thought it might be a fun exercise to replicate it on the TI. The 12,000+ word list and word-of-the-day list are from the original Wordle version, not the NYT curated version.  I wrote the first pass in Extended BASIC, which was crudely limited to scanning the word list and matching the letters. But it worked, so it kept my interest.  There are rules to follow, such as checking for a valid word and visually informing the user how close they are to the word of the day.  I later wrote the framework in assembly and have been poking at the code every few weeks. 


For simplicity, I used graphics mode 1 with multiple sets of the same characters, set to different foreground/background colors.  I still have a few things to clean up, as you can see in the screenshots ;)  Recently, I finished the routines to validate the entered word and display the proper color boxes.  Here's a sample screenshot of the gameplay: 



I suppose I could replicate the one-puzzle-a-day approach by reading a clock device and checking the date against a score file.  Or I could let the program select a 'random' word for the player.  I didn't think I'd get this far with the program and I'm not sure where I want to go from here. 

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3 hours ago, eebuckeye said:

Looks terrific!  Would be great to see it completed!

Thanks :)  


I added code to read the CLOCK device and display the raw record on-screen. PI.CLOCK should work with this code.  I'm using Classic99 to develop, so I'll deal with the Geneve low-level clock code later.


My next task will be to calculate the Julian date and use that result to select the puzzle number for the day. If there is no clock device, I will allow manual puzzle selection and/or just put up a random puzzle.  I discovered a bug in the input routine that stops me from entering the same character twice in succession, but I don't have any more time this weekend to code/debug.  I will release a test version after the bug is fixed.  



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8 hours ago, InsaneMultitasker said:

I fixed the input bug but somewhere along the line broke something in the display routines. I'm guessing I fat-fingered a key somewhere or code is now stomping on a memory location. Why are simple things so difficult?  :) 

Because computers. ;)


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