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Help getting disk images onto my Macintosh color classic


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I just got a Macintosh Color Classic.  I did the Mystic mod and added a blue scsi 


I bought a Gravis mouse stick 2. It did not come with a driver disk so I had to download the disk image. How do I get the disk image onto my blue scsi s SD card?

Or how can I make an apple disk of it using a windows PC?


Thanks in advance



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Your Mac should be able to read FAT16 disks as well.  You can also install an old ethernet card if you can find one and try to file share that way.  Also try formatting SD card to HFS and install HFSEXPLORBR on your PC to write to HFS disks.  If there is any drivers for PC, if the HFS formatted SD card mounts in Windows Explorer, CiderPress will also write to HFS disks.  You could also get a PowerMacG3 with cdRom and transfer files that way as well.


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