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Remake of the PCB of RSVE, the serial port upgrade for the ST family

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Recently mentionned by @DarkLord in several topics, I have recreated the PCB of a serial port upgrade named RSVE.




The gerbers and schematics are available in the release : https://github.com/sporniket/atari-st-mod-serial-port-upgrade-rsve/releases/tag/v1.0.0


The latest pages of the original thread at exxosforum shows the various attempts to convince BBS Express to works with the accelerated port.

The github repository also contains the original archive that include the JED file and its source, to program the GAL16V8. (I also have reformated the original documentation to be nicely viewable on github) : https://github.com/sporniket/atari-st-mod-serial-port-upgrade-rsve/tree/main/reference/rsve

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6 hours ago, Tillek said:

Are there any still for sale?  Got another BBS here that could probably be good for an upgrade.

Sorry, there is no more with me, and I have no more time. You will have to either build it yourself, or find someone that can do it. The assembly in itself needs basic level in soldering (only through-hole components), the problem for me is more about being able to program a GAL16v8 (one must have a GAL programmer, and depending on the GAL manufacturer, one may have to recompile the source instead of using the provided JED)


Thanks for the praise @DarkLord

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