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Pitfall 2 & Spelunker

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I notice a certain similarity between the games, mainly in the concept. If Pitfall 2 used elevators instead of stairs, both games would look even more similar.
My question is if the Pitfall 2 concept can be used in porting Spelunker to the Atari 2600?
What I think could be used is a loop to restart the stage for the next mission, with changes to the layout of the caves.

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Could Pitfall 2 be hacked to play similar to Spelunker, sure. It would make more sense to rewrite the game from the ground up.


Some major compromises would have to be made, due to the complexity of a single screen of Spelunker. There are multiple screens that have more than 3 treasures/traps on a single horizontal line. It would be difficult to get the 4 different colors on a line (blue/green elevators, brown cave, black background), so some sort of flicker would have to be introduced. Spelunker isn’t well suited to the 2600s minimal 2-sprites, 2 missiles, and 1 ball.







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