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Build a Vectrex game without knowing how to code?


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If you have not kept up with Malban's VIDE site for the #Vectrex video gaming console, now is a good time to check back in.
Build a Vectrex game without coding? A dream that might be a reality soon enough.
10th of January 2023 – building games?

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This is really cool, nice design implementation! :) 

I like the spreadsheet of Triggers with attribute columns used to build the Arkanoid prototype, very impressive. 


Visual programming Gamemaker IDE's are very intriguing, I created a visual development mode for the Atari Flashback and SuperCharger BASIC IDE allowing creation of audiovisual programs without writing code, but at least a few lines of BASIC must be added in order to turn the audiovisual into a game.


Your spreadsheet of Triggers design takes it to the next level and from your proto's it's clear more attributes and perhaps a second logic sheet of formula like the Trigger sheet could enable complete project development.  


Excel is an inspiring visual development model where power users create some amazing functionality without having to add code, did it influence you to build this?


Read the white paper and agree you should add an optional programming language too. 


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