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Two system-specific bugs w/ AdvSkelVic65

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Hi!  I'm currently working on updating AdvSkelVic65 and AdvSkel65 and am having problems with the former: the Atari8 cartridge version is moving the screen slightly then displaying a blank screen, and the PET version, when I type a noun, displays garbage on the top-left corner of the screen.  I think the former is due to my AtaSimpleIO library and the latter when the ScanWord() routine is called.  The following is the code that handles identifying the noun:


static unsigned char __fastcall__ ScanWord (char* Dest)
#ifdef __DOFE3__
    unsigned char j, c;
    for (j=0;
        (c=bankgetbyte((unsigned) Dest+j)) && c == (s[j])/*Sour[j]*/;
    // return c==0;
    __asm__ (
        "@a03:\n", c, s, c
    return c==0;


//Searches for user-inputted item #.
//Returns 0xFF if not found.
unsigned char __fastcall__ FindItem (void)
#ifdef __DOFE3__
    //char* s;
    /*  Search for item in Input */
    for (CurItem=0; CurItem < NumItems; ++CurItem)
#ifdef __DOFE3__
//printh (bankgetword(&Item[CurItem].Name)); printcr ();
        if (ScanWord(bankgetword(&Item[CurItem].Name))) {
            return CurItem;
        if (ScanWord((ItemPtr=&Item[CurItem])->Name)) {
            return CurItem;
/*  Search item aliases */
    // for (CurItem=0; CurItem < NumItemAliases; ++CurItem)
    // {
        // //if (ScanWord((char*)&ItemAlias[CurItem].Name, Input)) {
        // if (find2(ItemAlias[CurItem].Name))) {
            // return ItemAlias[CurItem].Num;
        // }
    // }
/*  Search directions  */
//printc ('a');
    for (CurItem = 0; CurItem < 4; ++CurItem)
        if (ScanWord((char*)&RoomDir[CurItem])) {
            return CurItem | 160;
    return -1;
[/code]BTW, __DOFE3__ is for large cartridges and not applicable here.

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I solved the bug: in a __fastcall__ function, I popped the stack early and exited using a C return command, and, apparently, this caused stack corruption.  Now it works.  :)  I believe there's a similar bug in AdvSkel65, though.  The symptom is, on the 128k Plus4 version, when I type in certain instructions, I get the monitor.  :( This doesn't happen in the 64k version or most other versions.  The 128k Plus4 version uses MemBankP4.  I attached the crt0.s file I'm using and some functions responsible for parsing user input.

plus4a_crt0_bank1.s advskel65 verbs_nouns.txt

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