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Simple64 N64 emulator problem ideas? (Mupen64plus GUI wrapper package)


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I need to use Mupen64plus (a command line emulator) to run World Driver Championship so I downloaded Simple64 GUI front end version for Mupen64plus (a complete package) but when I run it on Win 10 it gives me an error immediately and won't run.


Entry Point Not Found.

The procedure entry point SystemParametersInfoForDpu could not be located in the dynamic link library.......Qt6Gui.dll


Project64 won't run this, the best N64 racing game of all time so a bit stuck.


Googling the error gives naff all results.


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I don't have any experience with Mupen64 on Windows, but I have used it on Linux.  That said, it looks like you're just missing that library "Qt6Gui.dll" (I'm kind of surprised that didn't come along with the Mupen64plus install).  I would also say that the library probably isn't necessary since it's the launcher that requires the library, so you could theoretically just bypass that and launch it from the command line.

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