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Coleco ADAM NMI and Timers?

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Just for my personal programing education because I have jumped ship from Colecovision to ADAM.  Not really but ADAM is my latest work.

From my understanding with the Super Games, please correct me so I can learn, is that there is no need for OS7.  Everything is done in EOS.

From my own work with memory banking and what not this is what I am experiencing but have yet to do serious disassembly of the Super Games themselves, just Applications.

So, when going through the EOS I see there are no Timers to set up like in OS7.  Also, the NMI is handled  as follows:

from the E.O.S. programmers guide.  So there is no need to set one up like you do with the Colecovision.

I have found a lot of bugs in OS7 have been addressed in EOS such as writing to VRAM routines and such.

So, my question really is how does EOS handle timers?
From the few games I have disassembled, such as Diablo, there is no reference to timers and I scoured all over that code.
NMI and Timers are something I had to write when transferring it to the Colecovision.

I am almost to that point where I will release my next DOS video but I wanted to add a few things such as a cursor and sort of even the speed out by having a constant flow with a set of timers.
My drives are set up and I can address them fine.
I changed CD:A to CD A: or just A: and fixed a ton of bugs.  After optimization I am still less than 14k which leaves a good 50k for applications unless you use expansion memory banked.

Next will be setting up file and block manipulation.  Append, Open, Read, Write and that kind of deal.
If I could add every DOS command up to 6.22 I would but within the limitations of the ADAM.

In any case, I would love to hear your thoughts on Timers, NMI, what I can add to the DOS project, Wish List?


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