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What are your current Top 10 Aftermarket Atari 7800 games?


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Although the expressed preferences cover a small set, I thought that collecting them in a list could be interesting.


For people who have expressed preference for more than ten games, I have included only the eleventh game in the list, for example I have included Popeye mentioned by swlovinist in his video. Eventually, I can update the list when/if enough other preferences are expressed.


I take this opportunity to sincerely thank ALL 7800 developers! :)



Games that have received 8 preferences:

- Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest


Games that have received 7 preferences:

- Baby Pac-Man

- Donkey Kong XM / PK

- Rikki & Vikki


Games that have received 6 preferences:

- E.X.O.

- Knight Guy in Low-Res World - Castle Days -


Games that have received 5 preferences:

- Frenzy
- Froggie

- Scramble

- T:ME Salvo


Games that have received 4 preferences:

- 1942

- Astro Blaster

- Beef Drop

- Pac-Man Collection


Games that have received 3 preferences:

- Armor Attack II

- Dragon's Descent

- Galaxian

- Keystone Koppers

- Moon Cresta

- Pac-Man Collection 40th Anniversary Edition

- Wizard's Dungeon


Games that have received 2 preferences:

- b*nQ

- Danger Zone

- Dragon's Cache

- Dungeon Stalker

- GoSub
- Jr. Pac-Man

- Millie and Molly

- Popeye

- Space Invaders

- Super Circus AtariAge


Games that have received 1 preference:

- Animal Keeper

- Asteroids Deluxe

- Astro Fighter

- Crazy Brix

- Draker Quest II

- Flappy Bird

- Game of The Bear: Polar Opposites
- Get Lost

- K.C. Munchkin

- Knight Guy: Quest for Something
- Legend of Silverpeak
- Meteor Shower


- Pirate Cove

- Rip-Off
- Robots Rumble

- Slide Boy in Maze Land

- Spire of the Ancients

- Super Cobra
- Super Pac-Man
- The Journey of Snail: A New World

- UniWar S
- Venture

- W O R D L E 


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I was thinking about my Top 10 but it's so hard to choose, luckily in real life we have no limits of choice...


Anyway, while I can't determine my definitive Top 10, certainly the following games are among my most favorites. In alphabetical order:


- 1942
- Arkanoid
- A.R.T.I.
- Attack of the PETSCII Robots
- Baby Pac-Man
- Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest
- Donkey Kong XM / PK
- Dungeon Stalker
- Pac-Man Collection
- Popeye
- Rikki & Vikki


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