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Spectre GCR - Max System Software you can run?

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System 6.04     - Earliest System tried.  Worked fairly good.  Sound works.
System 6.05     - Perhaps the happy medium of the Spectre world.  Sound works fairly
                         well, and all the gadgets.
System 6.08     - Works.  Used it originally since it had the ability to switch programs
                         by the icon in the upper corner.  But then you find out Multifinder
                         does a crude version of that on earlier systems.
                               Sound emulation is barely availale since this system emerged onto
                         the scene about the time Small, Inc was having difficulties.

System 7.1  -     True what they say, doesn't work.  Complained of lack of memory.


From - http://www.oocities.org/clu-da-bard/spectrelist.html

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